Dental Technology

Dominion Ridge Dentistry leverages industry-leading dental technology to ensure comfortable, quality dental care!

Dental Technology

One important quality to seek in a San Antonio dental clinic is state-of-the-art dental technology. You need a dynamic team that implements the best dental tools and techniques to provide exemplary care.

At Dominion Ridge Dentistry, we offer just that! Our modern dental clinic incorporates industry-leading dental tools and technology. Every member of our dental team is committed to lifelong learning, and stays up-to-date with the latest technology and methodology.

A few examples of the dental technology we offer at our general dental clinic in San Antonio include:

Soft Tissue Dental Laser Treatment

We use a soft-tissue dental laser to deliver accurate treatment without harming healthy tissue. Dental lasers don’t require incisions or stitches, so they offer a pain-free solution with a lower risk of infection. We often use the soft-tissue dental laser treatment for gingivitis treatment or to resolve a gummy smile.


DEXIS CariVu™ is an intuitive, compact, and handy device that helps dental professionals identify abnormalities. It surrounds the tooth in a safe, near-infrared light, making the enamel transparent. Dentists use it as an alternative diagnostic tool instead of, or alongside, dental X-rays.

iTero Digital Impressions

By using the iTero Scanner, we can create a digital map of your mouth. Using those images from the scanner, we can create crowns, bridges and surface in-lays for you without the need for traditional metal and plaster dental impressions. The iTero scanner is also compatible with Invisalign treatment!

Profile Rotary System

With the help of the Profile Rotary System, we can perform simpler, more comfortable root canal treatments. Our dentists use it to perform precise treatment, greatly speeding up the time of a root canal and improving accuracy.

Cone Beam CT Scanner 

The Cone Beam CT Scanner captures images of critical anatomy for implanted restorations and oral surgery within minutes – without having to go to another office for the procedure. This complex technology makes sure that the doctor has the most detailed data that we have access to about your personal surgical needs, and it can also take helpful 3D images. It ensures the most accurate implant treatment and placement.

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As a leading dental clinic in San Antonio, you can count on Dominion Ridge Dentistry for the best dental technology and processes. We use the advanced technology above to ensure the most effective and efficient dental care for our patients. Enjoy comfortable, modern dental care at our San Antonio dental clinic today!

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