Root Canals in San Antonio, TX

We’ll preserve your tooth and put an end to your pain with a root canal treatment.
Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold, discoloration, and dental pain are all signs you may need a root canal.

Damaged or infected tooth pulp will eventually require tooth extraction. But treating the issue with a root canal can preserve the tooth.

Our dental team at Dominion Ridge Dentistry offers high-quality root canal treatments in San Antonio. We help patients restore their teeth to their natural form and function. Our experienced and compassionate dental team is committed to providing exceptional care. We make every patient feel comfortable and at ease during their visit. Come to us for a root canal treatment.

What is a Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal removes the infected or damaged pulp (nerve) from the inside of a tooth. When the pulp becomes infected due to deep decay, cracks, or trauma, it can cause pain, swelling, and other complications. Without treatment, the infection can spread throughout the mouth. Eventually, it may reach other parts of your body. During a root canal procedure, our dentist will numb the affected tooth and remove the infected pulp using specialized tools. They clean the inside of the tooth and disinfect it to remove any remaining bacteria. Finally, we fill the tooth with a special material to prevent further infection and restored it with a crown or filling to protect it from further damage.

Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment can save a damaged or infected tooth from extraction and prevent the spread of infection to other teeth and the surrounding tissues. By removing the infected pulp and restoring the tooth, patients can regain their ability to eat and speak comfortably and confidently. Root canal treatment can also improve the appearance of the tooth and prevent further damage or decay.

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If you are experiencing tooth pain, sensitivity, or swelling, contact Dominion Ridge Dentistry in San Antonio, TX today. Schedule a root canal consultation with our experienced dental team. We will provide you with a comprehensive exam and determine if root canal treatment is right for you.

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