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Fix your damaged tooth and restore your smile with a tooth crown!
A damaged or chipped tooth, affects how your smile looks and functions. Luckily, a dental crown can help restore your tooth’s appearance and strength.

A dental crown is like a cap that fits over your tooth. Modern tooth crowns are made without any metal. Your dentist will secure it over your tooth, protecting it from further damage. At Dominion Ridge Dentistry in San Antonio, our dentists offer safe and effective solutions for dental restorations including dental crowns. Book your appointment today!

What is a Dental Crown?

If you have a vulnerable tooth, a dental crown (also known as a cap) provides optimal protection while restoring the tooth. Tooth crowns can be made from various materials, but many modern dentists prefer tooth-colored options for a more natural look.

To create a dental crown, the dentist will first take digital impressions of your tooth. They send the impression to a dental lab, which uses it to create a custom restoration for your tooth. We use tooth-colored materials and advanced technology to give you the best dental crown experience possible.

Benefits of a Metal-Free Tooth Crown in San Antonio

Porcelain is considered the best material for a tooth crown in modern dentistry. Here are some benefits of a metal-free crown:
We use only the highest quality porcelain materials to ensure our patients receive the best possible dental crown treatment.

Visit Dominion Ridge Dentistry for a Dental Crown in San Antonio, TX

Dealing with a broken tooth is painful and affects the appearance of your smile. But a dental crown can restore the look and function of your tooth. Our team at Dominion Ridge Dentistry will help you find the best restoration option for your unique needs.

During your visit, we will walk you through the dental crown procedure and answer any questions you may have. We use only natural-looking, long-lasting dental crowns to ensure the best results.

Don’t let a broken tooth hold you back any longer – schedule your appointment for a tooth crown in San Antonio today!

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