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Scared of your visit to the dental clinic?

Does the idea of having to make a dentist consultation produce a feeling of dread?

Have you ever stayed away from dental cleanings or preventive dental procedures as a result of your nervousness and stress?

If so, you are not alone. Irrational fear with regard to dental treatment continues to be a rather typical cause for stress. About HALF of the overall population can feel nervous or uncomfortable about making a visit to the dental clinic or getting dental procedures done.

Because of advancements in “NO-Fear” dentistry, you can truly relax.

Our group has pledged themselves to the mission of making every single patient calm and at peace throughout the course of dental exams and procedures.

Dr. Louis R. Garcia has found that it matters significantly if you are supported by a supportive and kindly dental crew that will support you through the dental process.

We will not make our patient feel uncomfortable with regard to their dental health, and we want to understand and take care of patients as special individuals. Our team members have been through a lot of experience in taking care of the special needs and causes for concern of the more apprehensive clients. In the event that all you want us to do is just sit down to look at some concerns that you may have during a scheduled visit, we’ll be more than happy to take that time so you are comfortable.

There are a broad spectrum of trusted medications and anesthetics that can get rid of any physical discomfort, and to lower any stress and anxiety you may feel in the course of dental procedures. Our office is also specifically designed to make you feel at ease by taking away many of the items, sounds and smells of the out-dated dental clinic you might relate to your previous dental appointments.

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