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Digital Radiographs Use 90% Less Radiation On Your Family

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Digital radiography can take x-rays of your teeth utilizing a computer. Not only do digital x-rays expose our clients and team to 90% less radiation than normal film-type x-rays, they’re also considerably more sensitive when compared with classic dental x-rays. Digital x-rays allow for us to easily look at the whole tooth and root structure along with adjoining bone and tissue. They offer us an opportunity to locate and diagnose concerns before they can be apparent to the naked eye, and before they are able to bring about considerable harm and discomfort.

To get an x-ray, a tiny sensor pad which is hooked up by a line to a computer system, is put inside the mouth. A beam of energy will then be sent through your teeth towards the sensor which saves the images. The doctors and staff members may instantly access the digital x-rays on a monitor to examine the final results. Forget about waiting around for x-rays to develop. The doctor can also show you the images so that you can see everything we are describing with regards to your dental problem.

Subsequently we are able to keep your x-rays in our computer system and easily access them quicker than ever. Also, the images could be delivered digitally to insurance carriers, significantly lowering processing time and contributing to faster treatment.

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How odd it is now to recall how we used photographic film x-rays. Someday, this will be one of those things that every dentist will look back upon with a grin, almost like 8-track tapes in cars of the past. Actually, that’s assuming you do recollect 8-track tapes. I should probably have made a reference to cassette tapes instead. These used to be cutting-edge technology in the music world.

Dentists have depended on photographic film x-rays since the 19th century. They brought along numerous complications but there was a shortage of other options. Do you recall that large piece of cardboard that supported the film and how it caused you to feel nauseated? In addition, the sides made your gums sore. Do you recall how the dental assistant would take the x-ray and would keep you waiting as they developed it in chemicals that would later be gotten rid of, thereby polluting the clean water cycle? At times, they would dry the x-ray films, while other times the films simply stayed wet. Eventually, if the x-ray went smoothly and did not need to be retaken, everyone would have to pore over this tiny piece of film. Most of the time, you would not be able to make out the decay or other problems identified by the dentist. Personally, I am glad that outdated method is not being used anymore at forward-looking dental practices such as Dominion Ridge Dentistry.






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