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Diagnostic Mock-Up

Dominion Ridge Dentistry Diagnostic Model 5 No other field of health care offers this technology. Can you try to imagine an orthopaedic surgeon showing you a precise model of your hip joint? Not a generic model, but YOUR replicated hip. And then, imagine the doctor attaching your replicated hip to a mechanical device showing just how you, personally, would stand and walk after your new hip was placed? It may sound like something out of the future, but advanced dentists make use of this technology daily to insure that your jaw and teeth not only function comfortably, they’ll be esthetically pleasing at the same time. When we are completely restoring or enhancing your smile, making certain you obtain the right look, feel and function is our main goal. One early step in that process is to create a diagnostic model of your completed smile. The diagnostic model offers Dr. Louis R. Garcia a 3D road map so we start the process with your results already known.

The model reveals your new smile in its natural color and translucency. We also see how your new smile will help any kind of bite issues you may have.

Using the diagnostic model you will be empowered to preview, give suggestions, make adjustments, and approve your individual “Smile Plan” before any procedures start. Not only could you see the outstanding quality of the esthetic changes in your new smile, the model in addition assures us that your restorative work will function perfectly when chewing or talking.






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