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Garcia Dexis CarivuDEXIS CariVu™ is an intuitive, compact, and handy device that operates on patented transillumination technology to help dental professionals identify occlusal, interproximal, and intermittent carious fissures and abrasions.

CariVu surrounds the tooth in safe, near-infrared light in order for the enamel to appear transparent while the permeable abrasions trap and absorb the light. The structure of the tooth and any existing carious abrasions can then be scrutinized very precisely.

Although they resemble X-rays, CariVu’s images are a cut above fluorescent imaging technologies. This is because the clinician would not have to remember different numeric indicators or color codes, the device does not need to be calibrated, and the clinician does not have to disinfect the tooth in advance.

Although CariVu may be another method of diagnosis for those who are not comfortable getting X-rays taken, it also acts as a great partner tool for the DEXIS digital X-ray sensor. The transilluminated images can be a “second opinion” for any abnormalities observed on a radiograph, which leads to for a more complete assessment of a certain diagnosis.






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