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Cone Beam CT Scanner

The Cone Beam CT Scanner captures images of critical anatomy for implanted restorations and oral surgery within minutes – without having to go to another office for the procedure.

In fact, there aren’t very many doctors across the country that have a CT Scanner in the office. Most doctors have to send their dental implant patients to a medical facility for the procedure, or, suprisingly, they may just attempt to complete this complex procedure without the must-have scans. If you are considering getting dental implants anywhere else but Dominion Ridge Dentistry, be sure to ask about the CT Scanner and whether or not it is part of that dental practice’s surgical planning.

Cone Beam CT Pic

The CT scanner produces precision, cross-sectional segments of any must-see location in the upper or lower jaws. The feature furnishes our doctor with exact anatomical info, which includes structural layouts and locations for your particular dental implant procedure. This complex technology makes sure that the doctor has the the most detailed data that we have access to about your personal surgical needs.

The Cone Beam CT Scanner also takes 3-D images which assist the doctor in determining if bone grafting or sinus lifts are needed in spots where there is not enough bone mass for a successful implantation. It also encourages the best implant treatment and placement. It also aids in the selection of the best matching implant type, size, placement spot in the jaw, and insertion angles, prior to your surgery.

The Cone Beam CT Scanner is also important in pinpointing the precise current tooth positions so the doctor can judge the dental implants’ integration into the alveolar bone, their interaction with adjacent teeth, and their distance from vital structures such as the nerve canal, sinus walls, and cortical borders.






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